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Drywall tape with cement

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my garage has drywall panels in the cieling and cement walls. would it be proper to use a drywall tape in the corners of the wall/cieling or should something else be used because of the cement. thanks in advance.
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Get Tear-Away bead or Flat tear away. slide it tight to the block wall. Buy some spray glue to install it spray the drywall and the tear waay bead with the glue and just press on.

Use the Tear away only if you have about 1/8" to 3/8" gap between the wall and the drywall. If drywall is tight use the flat tear away or just use the regular one and cut off the part that slips behind the drywall. If you have a bigger gap you might have to go and fill the gaps with some dura bond first

Then just tape the bead in. That will look the best.

Use a scrap piece of cardboard box and place that tight againt the corner of the rock and wall so you get no glue onto the block wall it could get messy if you don't no how to spray.

Good luck
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