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Drywall seams

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House was built in 1999. First floor. There are a few other seams showing, but this one is horrible. It has gotten worse over the past year we've been here. It's solid, no movement when pressed. Directly above is my daughter's bedroom and no water lines at all. It's hard to see, but it also looks kinda like and feels like drywall screen pushing through. It's hideous, open floor plan and everyone comments on it that visits. Is there anyway to fix this outside of trashing the whole ceiling and starting from scratch? Thank you!


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Do you have rooms above or roof?
IF everything is solid [no movement] the fix would be to mud over and feather it out far enough to hide the bump. A light texture can replicate the roller stipple and hide the repair.
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Press on the hump and see if it will push in. Could be the tape delaminating. If not, then as has been said mud over it and feather it out so it's not visible.
Look up Hydrometric Expansion.
Do you live in an area that has HIGH HUMIDITY or is the interior humidity high.
This deals with the effects of humidity on Gypsum products.
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