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Drywall re-texturing help

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I had this cable organizer thing that attached to the wall and hid my cables running up to the TV, the product says to use caulk to give it a cleaner look at the edges.

I decided to run the cables behind the wall, so when I removed the cable organizer, it ripped off some of the drywall. Went to my local Lowes and picked up spray texture, I scraped off some of the old texture and resprayed it. I ended up over doing it and now it looks like crap. You can see where some of the edges where I scraped the stuff off and its blotchy in a couple places.

Could someone please help with what's the proper way for me to re-do it? I picked up some joint compound and have some more of the texture spray left. My house is a new home in case anyone needs to know.

I've attached a picture of it. It looks worse in person.

Thank you for any feedback.


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Thank you for the complete info and pic of the problem
Honestly though, and I know you don't want to hear this...sorry, but to make the repair completely invisible, you'll need to skim coat (with joint compound) the whole wall, and re-texture

From the pic (I realize it looks worse in person), it looks great (eg: the best possible for a spot repair of a textured surface)


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Thank you for your response. I finally got an old friend for some advice. I scraped it all of again, put joint compound on , sanded it down and then sprayed textured it again then paint of course.

Your does not look perfect and I probably would have to do what you said to make it look perfect, but definitely looks better than before. At least now you can't tell unless you put your face up to it. Before you can be sitting on the couch and it was obvious.
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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