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Drywall re-texturing help

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I had this cable organizer thing that attached to the wall and hid my cables running up to the TV, the product says to use caulk to give it a cleaner look at the edges.

I decided to run the cables behind the wall, so when I removed the cable organizer, it ripped off some of the drywall. Went to my local Lowes and picked up spray texture, I scraped off some of the old texture and resprayed it. I ended up over doing it and now it looks like crap. You can see where some of the edges where I scraped the stuff off and its blotchy in a couple places.

Could someone please help with what's the proper way for me to re-do it? I picked up some joint compound and have some more of the texture spray left. My house is a new home in case anyone needs to know.

I've attached a picture of it. It looks worse in person.

Thank you for any feedback.


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Thank you for the complete info and pic of the problem
Honestly though, and I know you don't want to hear this...sorry, but to make the repair completely invisible, you'll need to skim coat (with joint compound) the whole wall, and re-texture

From the pic (I realize it looks worse in person), it looks great (eg: the best possible for a spot repair of a textured surface)


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Thanks for the update!
Glad it now looks OK

1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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