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Drywall peeling

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I have a peeling problem with my drywall in one room. I started seeing the top layer of the drywall peel off in a couple of areas in one room a few years ago. At first it wasn't much, but now it is becoming much more apparent. The room is a u-shaped breakfast area and the peeling is limited to the lower three feet of the walls, and only in this room. There are no pipes in this area and the roof isn't leaking.

In any case, I'm no expert so I'm interested in any opinions as to what is causing this problem and suggestions on how to fix it.

Here is a photo of one problem area:

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That... sucks.

I don't know what your problem is. Poor bonding of the paint to the drywall? Do you have moisture problems?

Looks like you need to scrap it all off and either repaint/respray or skim it smooth and paint it.
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