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I just finished the drain tile work in the basement and now thinking of putting drywall but the problem is how do I frame it. I would rather not nail the wall because it might leak at some point. Also I want to avoid nailing the floor for the same reason.
What are my options? Liquid nail? construction adhesive?

Also what should I use for insulation which is moisture resistant?


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Well, you don't have to nail into the wall. Attach your top plate to the joists in your basement. The bottom plate WILL have to be nailed because I don't know that construction adhesive is enough to keep it all in place, although the force of your 2 x 4's for the walls will generally keep the bottom plate from going anywhere. Rent a gun that shoots concrete nails through the wood and into the concrete using .22 caliber rounds. The only thing that would would concern me is that the new concrete where the drain tile is, might not take too kindly to nails blasting through it.

I'm sure others will chime in shortly. I don't do a lot of construction work, but, in basements where I have remodeled, I've attached the top plate to the joists and the bottom plate I apply construction adhesive and then shoot the concrete nails to hold it all in place.
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