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Drywall on the ceiling

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My basement has floor joists above (about 12') and support beams extending throughout the basement about 1.5' below the joists. Because of the HVAC system, I'll need to have a lower ceiling. My question is, how do you "frame out" a ceiling (essentially, dropping the ceiling 2' so I can have something to hang the drywall to)? Do I just buy long pieces of 2x6 or something similar and fasten them to the support beams and the top of the outer walls?
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You can do a chicago grid which essentially is a thicker gauge grid ceiling similar to a drop acoustical tiled grid and you can fasten your drywall to that. I've done it plenty of times in basements and commercial jobs. After you frame your walls just screw your angle to the studs and hang your mains from the joists. Any drywall supply house carries the system. It's much faster and accurate than furring down the ceiling with framing lumber
Also to add....A Chicago ceiling is only 1-5/8" thick so you don't loose a lot of space.
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