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drywall on oak doors

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I`m going to replace old drywall as I remoldel(1950`s house).The house had new oak interior doors put up a few years ago.How do I keep all the dust and mud off the nice doors?Would plastic saran wrap work?I`ve already removed the trim around doors going to replace it.
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The doors can be easily removed from the hinges to prevent any damage during construction.. With a proper finish on the jambs, the dust can be easily removed later.
Or just lay a piece of 6 mil. plastic over the door and use blue tape.
By leaving the door on all the dust will not be blowing into the rest of the house.
That would keep them from getting dinged though. Draping a painters tarp or a blanket over the opening works well to control dust. If access is not needed, then plastic and tape to seal the entire opening.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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