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My 1200 square ft house currently has 3 bedrooms, living room, family room, kitchen and two bathrooms. The kitchen and bathrooms are smooth coat with no texture. Over the years, I have done drywall repairs and hired professionals to match a skip trowel texture. You can definitely tell that these are patch jobs. I have two options and would like your input.

1. Leave current drywall up, skim coat the walls and sand smooth prime and paint.

2. Tear out old drywall, replace old blown in insulation with batted fiberglass insulation, and install new drywall, prime, and paint.

I'm leaning towards #2 because I know i have a reduced R value on that insulation and would give me a chance to inspect wiring and junction boxes.

If I go with option number two, whats the best insulation to use? faced/unfaced? I have 2x4 framing throughout the house with lath and stucco on the exterior.

Thanks for your help- Andrew
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