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One of the local commercial drywall firms offers a drywall hanging service. They deliver the drywall, cut it, and hang it. That is all they do. Then it is up to the customer to do the mud, corner beads, taping, and any finishing that might be desired. They do not haul away scrap or even take it to a dumpster on site, but leave remnents wherever they might be when the board was cut. There is a minimum of 10 sheets, and the price is based on full sheets used. Currently, they charge $4.75 per sheet. They work very fast and two men can hang 10 sheets in less than an hour. The cost-per-sheet for the drywall is comperable with the big box stores and is top national brands only made in USA or Canada.

I have used them before for full-service installation and have also worked commercial jobs where they did the whole job. Now I am working on a house-flip and am thinking of having them hang the drywall only. It would save me time and labor up-front, and I could attack taping and mud at my own pace.

Has anyone else used such a service, and what might the pit-falls of using such a service be?

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This done all the time. But, in the price is also "scrapping". They will remove the scraps to a dumpster or they won't get the job.:)

Is that price for 8' sheets, 9' sheets, 16' sheets, - what? Seems a little low to me.:)

What about "extras"? What are extras (to them) and how do they charge for extras?:)

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That's what hangers do----It is a trade--just like tapers ---

Very low price,too. Around here it's $10 to $12----

Scrapping out the job is a separate job in this area also.
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