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I could find no section for drywall questions so I am going to try here.

Instead of having a square end to a wing wall, I was going to rip 4" PVC in half and place one half on the end of the wing wall for a rounded corner. Behind the PVC I could round off a 2x4 and rip it to the depth i need, as a nailer.

What should I use to finish the joint between the drywall and PVC ?
Will drywall mud work to cover and finish the screw holes ?

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Do you mean a bullnose corner like this one?:

I wouldn't recommend using PVC as I don't believe that the mud, tape, etc... would adhere very well and that the finished results would look, well, pretty crappy.

P.S. - There is a drywall section here,
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Thanks for the reply

Just trying something new.
Curved corners

Based on the description looks like you are looking for something like this from Fulcrum Composites.


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Exactly !

Have seen many uses for PVC pipe, including full/half colums.

Since its painted, you can't tell what it is !

Is it your work ? Could use information/instructions on the rounded wall ends.

Curved corners & colums

It's not PVC pipe - that's horrible for so many reasons.
We produce these corners.
Started with a local architect that wanted curved inside corners for a doctors office (for easier cleaning), then we added the outside corners and 180 degree wraparound for wall ends (to eliminate chipping). Then we found that some of our customers were using four 90 degree corners to make column wraps so we're just introducing a column kit to make life easier.
the corners install just like drywall - depth set screws, tape, mud & finish just like drywall.
pm me if you want more details otherwise I'll likely get my legs slapped by teh moderator ;)
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