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drywall finishing costs

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my question is about drywall finishing costs = I am a finisher by
trade but have been out of the biz for several years now. I have a
side job coming up but I want to be able to give a fair price to the
guy but at the same time not shoot myself in the foot - It's a tape
and bed job only - he supplies materials I supply the labor - the room
size is 29x12 with a tapered ceiling 14 ft. down to 8 ft. roughly
1280 sq.ft. of board to be finished - I am trying to figure out a fair
price per sq. ft. for just labor - hoping you can offer some help -

Job is located in central florida if that helps ?
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Pricing questions never end well here---so before this turns into a 'roast the new guy' thread, Iwill offer the following safe way for you to figure this out for yourself---

You said you are experienced---so you should know how long the job will take to bed/coat/sand---

my guess--two full days---one half day---

How much per day do you need to make payroll---cover tools /truck and other business expenses?

How much time for selling---collecting the bill--call backs? Another 1/2 day?

there is three full days if I was doing it----how much per day for you? What money above that amount do you need for profit and expenses?

That's your number----going rates stink as a method of pricing---If I told you $15 a sheet and the job has soffits and closets---is it the same price as the room next door that is just a big box?

What if both rooms are identical and one room is hung by a pro and the other by a beginner?

Then there is the customer----will a pro painter take over when you are through? And do the little touch ups that are so often needed with new work?

Of is the home owner painting and then call you in to do touch ups when he's all done==then whine that you owe him a paint job?

By the way----sell primer with your taping.:laughing:
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basically there is no over head to speak of just my time - it's not far and he has all the equipment (scaffold and such) I just need to show up with my tools and work - he will be doing the texture after and the hanging before - Ive seen some of his hanging and he's doing it right so no issues there - pretty cut and dry room, boxed with one window and one sliding door which will be wood wrapped so no bead work - I figure 2 days roughly - 2 1/2 at most - knock down going on after so it's easier for me

was thinking 50 cents a sq ft. would be fair - does that sound decent or am I over/under ?
Around here we usually go by sheet---Will .50 give you a nice payday? If so--suggest that price--You can always go down --but never go up----

Sorry, but I won't give you a better answer --unless you want to come up here and bid my jobs!!
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