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Drywall Dust

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We are at the dreaded cleanup of drywall dust! If there is another thread where this has already been answered, just point me to it!

First, I used my shopvac with a soft brush on the end, then changed to a swiffer. That was still getting lots of dust (going over lots of "skim coat" from wall repairs) even after the shopvac.

Is it best to go over it again with a slightly damp cloth, or just go ahead and prime? And, either way, I need to sand after the primer? (Primer will be Benjamin Moore SuperSpec 253 - a high build primer.)

Thanks for any help!
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If there is still dust, it needs to be removed, a damp cloth would be fine.
There should be no need to sand the primer unless you find more repairs to do(and you will) after priming.
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Cris is right one thing I found that made it a little easier was a sponge mop wring it out good and with the handle it was easier than climbing up and down.
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