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Drywall Crumbling with something behind?

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Tried to install a french clothes rod into a drywall and it basically crumbled and wouldn't hold the metal anchor. Could pull it all out of the wall fairly easily. I can’t tell if there is something behind the drywall also...looked like wood? Not sure what is happening here.


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You sure it's drywall and not plaster and lath?
I’m sure of very little. It’s an old place. I’ll YouTube what that is. I’m assuming it doesn’t work the same way for drilling / hanging stuff. Thanks.
How old is your place?

Usually if you can't hit a stud with your screws you need to use either a molly insert or a toggle bolt.
I think it is plaster and lath. If you look closely at the holes, you can see wood behind it. I would bet the anchor aren't long enough and aren't opening behind the lath.

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What anchors are you using?

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