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Hello all, I have a cape cod built in 1957 that I bought three years ago. I am currently prepping walls and getting ready to prep and paint down stairs and up stairs bedrooms. I have noted numerous Drywall cracks in all three bedrooms. I have read a lot on structural/foundational issues causing these. The cracks up stairs are mainlying at corners and seams and down seams of drywall tape. It's a vaulted cealing. I'm wondering if any cracks are do to the ceiling trusses swelling and contracting. I live in western NY where we have extremely cold winters. This winter has been unseasonably warm, with four or five days of very cold temps. The first four pictures are of the downstairs drywall under the windows. The rest are of the upstairs ( vaulted ceiling.) I'm wondering should I repair and see if the cracks continue (when should I see cracks reappear?) Or should I have a professional such as a structural engineer come and check out the foundation? Thank you in advance for the advice.


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