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Drywall behind cabinets

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I'm adding some base cabinets in our kitchen that used to be the laundry closet. So I'm taking the doors off, it has upper cabinets and then I'll be installing base cabinets and a counter. I've moved the plumbing and electrical but now the drywall has been torn up in places to access it all. A large chunk of the missing drywall will be behind the new cabinets and this is an interior wall. My question is, do I need to patch the drywall behind the new cabinets even though it won't be seen? The cabinets have a solid back. Thoughts?

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Yes, you do need to patch--the work can be ugly--but the drywall is needed as a draft stopper, fire barrier and to help stop rodents and insects from nesting inside the walls.

You knew this already,right?
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Thanks. I was pretty sure but wanted to see if I didn't need to.
Nothing worse than the sound of little critters behind your cabinet.
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