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Drywall Arch

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I have a doorway arch that I need to drywall. The width is 34.5 and drop is 10" I calculated that to be about a 20" radius. Is this too small to use 1/4 drywall? I have tried wetting/scoring the front and back, doesn't work. I am now setting the strips in between 2 sawhorses and wetting them every hour or so to get a natural bend in it. I also have the cutout of the arch, so I turned it upside down and used it as a form and placed another wet strip over that. Is there something I'm missing? Is the radius too tight? Any suggestions?
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I'm a bit lost but it sounds like you just need the drywall to cooperated following the curve of the arch. One answer is, it doesn't need to be perfect. The flex corners on each side will act as guides for the mud and give you a perfect finish. I'm not a pro with the various compounds, but some of the quick set options produce a harder surface.

If you want a piece of wood up their first, using a radial arm saw or circular saw, you can cur a grove every 1/4" 80% of the way through. Soak that in water and it will bend.

OR, simply buy the flex board designed to bend around corners. I've always done it the hard way, but if a job came up in my retirement, the flex board is the way I would go.

Others here probably have a brand name for it.

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