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drywall above Tub Surround

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I am putting in a new bath tub and I removed the old tub and drywall and I am installing a new tub and tub liner.
I am using the water resistant drywall.
My question is, can the tub liner end just above the shower head or does it need to extend to the ceiling.


PS. I never knew till yesterday that my old tub was cast iron, what a pain it was to remove.
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By "tub liner" are you referring to a fiberglass tub with a fiberglass surround or are you going to install a tile surround?? Either way the surround normally stops at 6' from the floor. The shower head protrudes through the wall 4 or 5 inches above this. If you are tiling, you could extend it to the ceiling (and it should be applied to backer board, not directly to the drywall). A fiberglass surround is a fixed height with drywall above to the ceiling unless you want to add tile on up to the ceiling........
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