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Dryvit or Stucco?

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So, one of the ladies at my church has a modular home that has some sort of weird siding. There are holes in it, and it's causing heat to escape from under the house. I think it's either Dryvit or Stucco.

I'm not looking to do a perfect repair job, just one that looks decent at a distance(I don't want to spend more than 2-3 hours on this).
She had a cat get stuck up under there as well, so it does need patching.
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i agree with those above. however, if you simply want to patch this for your friend? you can tie chicken wire behind the rabbit wire that's there and use sakrete mortar mix and trowel it on the holes, use a rubber trowel to smooth it out similar to what's there. don't mix it too thin so will hold onto wire backing. I doubt she's losing heat there, this isn't a conditioned area, though a lot of cold is going under her home. the cats are a separate problem. tie your chicken wire tight and flat as you can. your patches will probably still be there when the rest has frozen thawed over and over and popped off

good luck

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