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Drying out Oil Based Paint

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I've just moved into a new apt that has had its bedroom door, closet doors, and trim all painted with oil based paint. The smell is horrible and giving me headaches. I've heard that sealing the bedroom, and setting a dehumidifier, electric heater, and a fan to circulate the air to try and increase the dry time in the bedroom.

Would a de-huimidifer work effectively to dry out oil based paint? I've also read that oil based paint dries on the outside first and lastly in the under layers. If it's not going to do anything I would rather avoid spending the money to rent the dehumidifier.

Thanks. Any input is greatly appreciated.
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The solvents that suspended the paint solids just need to evaporate. You cannot dehumidify them out. Ventilation is of course key and especially if you are sensitive and getting light headed get out for some air. Open windows if you can. The smells will subside.

Interesting somebody used oil based products in your space? I have nothing against oil based products but just do not get to use them when I would like. Where are you?

And to answer your question, as far as I know, all paints cure starting with a surface skin and with all underneath evaporating and resins curing. The good news if you want some is that oil based finishes cure faster. Latex interior products take 30 days. When the smells from either go away? I cannot help you at all with that one.
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