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Drying newly milled

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I mill a lot of my wood. In the drying process I paint the ends but still ( after 6
Months ) End up with a lot of curved and cracked ends. I going to mill up about 300’ of cherry wood and would like to have a better outcome. Any ideas?
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With the stickers about a ft. from the end of the stack, try wrapping the end of the complete stack with Visqueen to slow the drying process of the ends to nearer the drying rate of the mid section but continue painting the ends with a recommended sealer. And then there is lumber that will just be lumber no matter what we do even if we parked a freight train on top of it.

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I only recommend wrapping the stack ends about 8-10 inches with the stickers in about 12 inches from the end. This will allow some atmospheric air contact to the end material and as the larger portion of the board dries, moisture from the end area will travel to that drier portion if that occurs.

Viewing this stack of my son's the stickers are too close to the ends to effectively do the visqueen thing.



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1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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