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Dryers and AC units

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Im installing AC for the new up stairs but I don't have any more 220 slots in my braker box for the unit, can I link it up with the dryer or range?
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No you may not link up an air conditioner receptacle on the stove circuit or something like that.

Putting in a 240 volt (double pole double wide) breaker usualy needs just two consecutive breaker slots although not all possible paired positions might work. Usually you can move other breakers around in the panel to free up a pair of positions that do work, namely on opposite sides of the 120/240 volt service to give you the 240 volts.

You can install a subpanel to give yourself more breaker slots. If more convenient you c an move existing 120 volt circuits to the subpanel and put the new 240 volt breakers in the main panel.

Most cities require a permit for a subpanel and some require a permit for new circuits of any kind.

It is possible you will need to do a load analysis (procedure is in the National Electric Code book) and in some cases you may need to put in a new service (fatter wires coming from the utility pole and meter) and a new main panel.

Many cioties require a separate permit for a new service and.or new main panel.
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