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Dryers and AC units

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Im installing AC for the new up stairs but I don't have any more 220 slots in my braker box for the unit, can I link it up with the dryer or range?
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Alan what you can do is change some of your single pole breakers to space savers. At the bottom of your panel (in the last 4 spaces for breakers) It should accept the space saving beakers that are only half the width of the regualar single poles. You can take 4 single poles and only take up 2 spaces leaving room for you to get your double pole breaker in. Also, you might get the idea to try a space saving double pole. It will not work because you have to have current from 2 different sides of the panel to get 240 so you have to click in to full spaces. Its hard to explain with out showing you and empty panel. Anyways just go with the first way and it will work. A picture world be great though as cowboy suggested. Because a panel in your part of the country maybe different than what we have around where I am
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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