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Dryer Venting - Through Soffit

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I recently moved into a house that has 30 feet of flex dryer duct that eventually exits through a soffit. I don't know if this was a builder decision or the previous homeowner replaced what the builder put in. House is in GA and was build in 86 so it's also possible this was acceptable at that time.

The laundry room is on the 2nd story and almost perfectly in the middle of the house with hallways/stairs on all sides. The current layout is flex duct from the dryer up 8 feet into the attic, then at some point there's a random 45 elbow that connects to another flex duct that winds it's way to a vent in the soffit (there's blown insulation thrown around it I suppose someone thought it would prevent moisture from coming back)

I've removed as much lint as I can but at the exit the flex line weighs a ton from what I assume is lint and water. I want to replace it with 4 inch rigid duct, but should I still exit through the soffit? (I know this isn't ideal but its a hip roof)

Which choice would you do?

1. 8 feet vertical into attic, 90 degree elbow, 20 feet horizontally, 90 degree to soffit vent (The current soffit vent is within a foot of a window so I think I would need to relocate it anyways for the current 3ft code)

2. 8 feet vertical into attic, 90 degree elbow, 20 feet horizontally, 90 degree, 3 feet down exterior wall, 90 degree out exterior wall (if this is possible)

3. 8 feet vertical into attic, 45 degree elbow, 10 foot length, 45 degree elbow out roof, to roof vent (I would prefer not this option since I would like to easily clean it out)
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Through a sidewall is fine in a long run as long as you insulate over the top of it and keep it in the insulation envelope so that you don't get condensation.

Soffit venting doesn't work well here.

Roof is okay but can show the lint on the roof top.

I would get a better inline filter. If you do that, you can vent through the roof with less difficulty.
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