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Hi! I hope I am in the right forum. I am installing a stackable LG washer and dryer in a closet in our main (2nd floor, split level) bathroom, and to attach to the vent pipe in the crawl space, I will have to run 11 feet of pipe from the dryer to meet it. The pipe shown in the photos is 12 feet long, and contains one 90 degree fitting. The piping in the crawl space is currently not attached to anything.

The entire run will have either 3 90-degree fittings in it, or 2 90-degree fittings and two 45-degree fittings, with the total run being around 22 feet.

I am wondering if this length of run is excessive.

If I could drill through the solid brick exterior of the house, I could probably run an aluminum or galvanized steel 4" exhaust directly out of this closet and behind the bathtub (which I'm replacing) and out the side of the house. That would be about 7' of pipe attaching to a periscope similar to the one in the photo via one 90-degree fitting.

I could also run a periscope vent up as the attic space of the "middle floor" is about 18" above where the dryer exit pipe will be. Then it would have to turn right and go about 8' to exit out the soffit somehow, but that would be next to a soffit vent and I'm afraid the moist air would be drawn back into the attic space.

I am at my wit's end with this. Any suggestions will be appreciated, and I will listen to the advice of the people I am sure know more about this than I do.



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