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Dryer vent installation

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When doing some deck renovations I decided to move the dryer vent location. (The prior owner was venting the dryer underneath the wooden deck, which I dont think was the wisest decision because of moisture/heat/mice, etc. This is a ranch and the area between the ground/rocks underneath the deck and the wooden deck planking wasn't that much.)

Anyway, Id like to vent it out to the side of the house which will end up being a shorter distance and completely away from the deck. But... I dont have a clear view of whats behind the wall where I want to vent it. Is there a way to determine if theres a stud, piping, wiring, before I drill the vent opening? I was thinking of using a stud finder in the room directly above the area, but it still doesnt tell me about wiring, piping, etc.

Theres a vent for the water heater right next to the spot where I want to vent the dryer so I think the heighth will look fine asethetically on the exterior.

Any thoughts or internet links on installing a dryer vent?

The only other option would be to vent it out to the garage. It would probably be easier and even a shorter distance. Downfalls to that?

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Thanks for the link. I found some other sites as well with good information. The only problem with the area that I wanted to vent to the outside is that its likely not 3 feet away from other openings.

By the way, my dryer is an electric dryer, not a gas dryer.

What is worse:
-venting to the outside under a wooden deck where theres limited space and the heat/moisture over time will damage the deck.
-venting out the garage where the moisture and lint will go to the garage.
-venting out to the outside, but it will be less then 3 feet from another opening? The other "openings" I would have nearby are the electric panel on one side, and the water heater (gas) vent on the other side.

Geez, Im hoping that I dont have to route it back under the deck as I just sealed and foamed it all shut last night...argh...!... thinking I would be ok to vent it to the outside. I guess if I have to put it back under the deck I can. I wont reuse the piping though as those pipes had never been cleaned in over 10 years and were full of lint!

Any ideas??
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Easiest thing to do is open the wall and see if you can run the ductwork where you need to.
You don't want to run it into the garage. You can run it through the garage to the exterior.
Gas or electric is immaterial. Both exhausts carry moist hot air with lint. Where ever you route the duct, be sure you can have access to it to clean it out.
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