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Dryer Vent Hood. Which is better?

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I am going to take off a dryer vent louver off the outside of my house because it is caked in paint and the louvers won't open/close very well. I am hesitant to reinstall the same type again because of the potential for the same problem.

I am consdering installing a vent cap hood instead because I thought that it would be easier to paint and wouldn't have to cover the opening with paint. Has anyone used this type and if so, would the flap under the hood blow and clang in the wind?

If not either of these types, does anyone have a better suggestion on a type to use?

Finally, upon taking off the louver vent, I felt a lot of cold air from inside my house coming out from through the vent. I noticed a 4" Draft Blocker available. Has anyone used something like this? Does it work, how is it installed? Does it go on the inside or outside of the house? The website that I saw it, doesn't show very well. Thanks.


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When I moved my dryer vent from where the prior owner had it installed (under the deck) to the side of the house, I first installed a metal vent styled dryer vent that had mesh wiring inside it.

I quickly discovered that although it worked, the lint was collecting in the mesh. Since I didnt want to have to clean the lint from the mesh screening every other time, I changed that vent out for a louvered styled vent that also had the removeable pest barricade.

Now the louvers open up during drying, the vent freely flows out, and if it does need to ever be cleaned, I can unsnap the barricade/cage, clean and reinstall in seconds.
thanks. Do you have a pic of the style that you are referring to? Is it different than the lovered style that I attached?
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