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Going to have a rigid 4" Dryer vent inside the wall. Do I need to worry about it getting to hot? There is going to be insulation up against the pipe and drywall. Should I clear out the insulation? Thnks

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I doubt it but I would talk to your local building and mechanical inspector. More out of concern for liability issues. It is possible for a dryer to stick on and overheat but it is rare.

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I second to run it by your Building Inspector: Clothes Dryer
�� Install appliances per manufacturer’s instructions. (M1307.1 & G2408.1)
�� Clothes dryer exhaust ducts of metal with smooth interior surfaces. (M1501.1 & G2439.5)
�� Connector not concealed in construction. (M1501.1 & G2439.5)
�� No screws used to attach connector to duct. (M1501.1 & G2439.3)
�� Duct connector 4” minimum or appliance outlet size. (G2439.5)
�� Exhaust duct doesn’t exceed 25’. Deduct 2.5’ for each 45-degree elbow and 5’ for each 90-degree bend.
(See also manufacturer’s installation instructions when make and model of dryer are known at rough in.)
(M1501.3 & G2439.5.1)
�� Clothes dryer ducting run independently of other ducted systems. (M1501.1 & G2439.3)
�� Exterior termination is backdraft damper with no screens. (M1501.1 & G2439.3)
�� Dryer duct connector maximum 8’ long. (G2439.5)
�� Gas dryer gas connectors maximum 6’ long. (G2422.1.2)

A sample code, yours may be different.
Be safe, G
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