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Dry Wall Over Tile?

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Trying to figure out what I'm going to do. I have been given the task to remodel the bathrooms in my church. Currently I have tile over concrete. We don't want to go to the expense of replacing the tile but no one likes the look of it. It has been suggested to glue dry wall directly to the tile. In the back of my mind that seems like poor craftsmanship. Not to mention the many other problems that come with adding thickness to the walls and shrinking the room. The stalls won't fit and the plumbing will need to be extended. Also the tile only goes 5ft up the wall. I was thinking about putting a shelf with some nice trim to hide the new ledge. I hope to get some good feed back, weather to go ahead and glue the dry wall or something else. Thanks.
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What about removing the tile altogether? Then cleaning up walls and paint if in good condition, maybe stucco or something if not very smooth underneath? Not an expert (obviously), maybe others will chime in
Door jambs will also need to be extended.

Someone on another forum said he has glued directly to tile....recommends roughening the face of the tile by scoring or grinding, then applying flexbon thinset. Finally, wedging wood between walls, until it sets.

With all the grinding involved, it probably wouldn't be much more work to instead pull the old tile off.
You may get by with removing the tile and thin set then glue 1/4" drywall to the concrete by removing the tile and thin set the 1/4" drywall may work with out having to change everything. The part I'm not sure about is gluing the drywall to cement.
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