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Dry Wall Bathroom

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I'm putting up new dry wall on the ceiling of our bathroom this weekend and I'm not sure what to use. I read I an earlier posting that it should be a special kind of dry wall because of the dampness and a special thickness if the rafters are 24". Sorry to duplicate someone elses question but I can't find the posting
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You need to have ventilation in the bathroom for any type of drywall to last. You should use 5/8" drywall on the ceilings with 24" OC spacing. See if you can find mold free drywall like denshield. Technically 1/2" from some manufactures can be used for this spacing. But 1/2" green or purple drywall is not as still and cannot be used with this spacing. You will need to add furring strips perpendicular to the ceiling joists and set them at 12" OC for these type of drywall panels.
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