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Driveway culvert to underground pipe

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Here's what I've got... my house is at the end of a cul-de-sac. The drainage ditch for the cul-de-sac flows down hill (naturually!) under my driveway to and underground pipe that takes it 150 feet or so downhill where it drains to a fairly steep slope.

Unfortunately, the underground pipe (some places it's PVC, others it's corrugated pipe) wasn't buried deep enough, so it has begun to break apart, creating nasty ankle turning holes in the yard. It's now to the point where enough soil has gotten into the underground pipe that it is clogged and the water comes out one of the holes instead of at the end of the line. So now it's dangerous and it's rough on the yard!

Here's what I'd like to do... at the culvert where the underground pipe begins, I'd like to replace the pipe, but only a short segment of it. The way my hill drops off, I could probably run about 30 feet of underground pipe at a reasonable grade and have the pipe drain in middle of my yard, onto a bed of rocks. I really don't want to get into the expense of running that pipe the entire 150', plus having to pay to dig deeper to lay the pipe at a proper depth for the entire length. Going the shorter route, I'd just have to dig up the shallow old pipe and fill that length in with dirt.

Any opinions on this? Is there something I'm not thinking of?

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I'm wondering if this isn't the City's responsibility.
DrHicks... that's an interesting take on it. I'm outside of the city... but I could see how it may be the County's responsibility.
DrHicks... that's an interesting take on it. I'm outside of the city... but I could see how it may be the County's responsibility.
Yeah I don't know. Different municipalities can be really funny about stuff like this, especially when you're dealing with water run-off.

I'm also thinking of some friends of mine who, years ago, spent about $2800 to have a big dead Maple Tree removed from their front yard, only to have the City come by and say that the tree was in the boulevard and was their responsibility... :)

Beyond that, I really don't have any advice. Good luck!
What size pipe is taking the water under the driveway and down the slope to the drainage area? How old is this drainage system? Who laid the pipe in the first place? Developer? If so, did the county take over responsibility for the drainage when they took over responsibility for maintaining the street? Is the pipe on your property? Is there an easement granted to county for the pipe to be on your property? Having different types of pipe is never a good idea.

These are a few questions that just popped into my head. My first thinking is the county should own the drainage. After all, if the pipe was to clog up the cul-de-sac would flood damaging the road, or houses. Governments generally spend their money to keep this from happening and to protect their facilities.

Good luck!
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