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Dripping from pipe right on a beam in ceiling

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I have a leak in my ceiling and a plummer came in and they cut a hole in the ceiling where the leak was happening. They said it wasn't a plummer's problem, but when I run the dryer the pipe leaks. the pipe sits right on a beam and It's wrapped with foil looking tape and it leakes whenever we run the dryer. The air conditioner guys said it wasn't an air conditioner pipe so it wasn't his problem. Do anyone have a suggestion as to what I can do?:(
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That's the dryer duct---I'd guess----Change it to rigid sheet metal and use duct tape on the seams.
Duct tape is made of aluminum foil--not the gray cloth duck tape.

Thanks for the advice. I figured I needed to recover the pipe. It's already a sturdy metal pipe, so I'll just recover it with the aluminum duct tape. Thanks.
I think you need to understand why a dryer vent is dripping water in your ceiling. If the moisture in the vent is condensing and dripping out a seam, sealing the seam would not get rid of the cause IMO.
Is there an a/c duct running near this vent tube that may be cooling it down? May need to seal the a/c duct better? Does this only happen in cold weather? Might be an indication of insulation and weatherproofing that needs to be performed.
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