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Drip Irrigation: Filter? Valve?

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Hi all,

This post is not related to my back lawn other post; I am working on two completely different yard projects at the same time.

Main question: I have a simple drip irrigation system to water a row of pampass grass bushes (general view in pix "MostGeneralView.jpg"). Do I need any kind of "filter" or "Backflow" valve at either junction where the regular hose connects to either 1) the timer, or 2) the drip irrigation hose? I illustrate my question in pix "Timer.jpg" and "Connection.jpg"

I am confused on whether "backflow" can reenter my house water pipes and do damage. I am going off hearsay, and apologize if this worry sounds weird, but I want to make sure. Is this even worth worrying about for such a simple drip irrigation system?

My impression is that I do not need filter and backflow valves, since my drip irrigation system is so basic. I have not yet put fertilizer into the bushes since I planted them and they don't seem to need it for now. Nor are there any chemicals that either me or my neighbor use. If I am wrong, however, let me know, and I will obtain whatever part the replies recommend. All the videos I saw on drip irrigation seemed to suggest "filter" and "backflow".


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Imo, Yes, it's a good idea to put a vacuum breaker/backflow preventer on any outside hose bib. One right on the main hose bib is all you need.

I understand your set-up nothing really warrants one, but if the situation should ever arise you would be covered. About 5 bucks at any big box store. Again this is just my opinion and suggestion only others may disagree.
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For five bucks, that will be well worth it. Like you said, if it prevents that one incident, then the backflow breaker would be worth it. Can you put a link or attach an image to what kind of backflow breaker would work for me? Nothing spectacular, just enough to get the job done. That way, when I buy it, I will get the correct part.
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Just a simple hose bibb vaccuum breaker will do.

Unless you have steel piping that's flaking rust, you shouldn't need a filter. Are you catching alot of chunks in your faucet aerators in the house? If not, the filter is probably unecessary.
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I checked a couple of the aerators in the faucets. Nothing noticeable. No pipes with flaky steel rust. Water in the house looks fine.

I have been doing drip irrigation with the pix I uploaded, through a much more crude system (that I am replacing with a better system based on help from other people). I haven't noticed anything different about the house water since I started dry irrigation over the last few months. Probably I don't need the filter/valves but am just making sure since these parts were given so much attention in the videos I saw.
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