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Drip Edges leaking into soffits

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I had a roof done after Hurricane Charley here in florida.
The contractor stated he was lincensed and qualified to do the work.
Once a permit was posted I extended money for material and work preceeded on my home and my motherinlaws, Since the completion of the work No paid in full receipt was received even after many request and I found out this person was not lincensed. I then started developing leaks mainley behind the fascia and into the soffits thus causing rotting of the soffits and leaking into the screen room. I developed heart problems and was out of it for 2 years the past 2 months I have been trying to remedy to the best of my ability but do not have the strength or expertice and funds to make the repairs. I approched the contractor with this problem who did the work. He informed me it was not his problem Below is a list of problems with the roof

1. Screen Room leaks behind fascia.
2. Constant leak in screen room.
3. Drip edge over screen room not installed properly.
4. Weaving in valleys allowing shingles to lift and collect, leaves water blowing under shingles.
5. Old shingles were left in valley between garage and house and was covered by new shingles and holding water.
6. Bird watch under soffit removed and not replaced. No paper or shingles in area caused garage roof to rot. Same problem at mother-in-laws house.
7. New shingle placed over old shingles in valleys.
8. Same problems at Motherinlaws whose house he also done
9. Over $300.00 in materials and labor spent.
10. Gutter (new gutter) removed over screen room and thrown behind bushes.
11. Picked up nails and tar paper for a month after work was done.
12. Periodic leaks through the light fixture in kitchen.
13. Leak spotted in master bathroom ceiling.
So question what can I do to stop the drip edges from allowing water to leak into the soffits:(

Thanks for any input
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I don't know what you expect from this information avenue, but here's some questions;
1. Why did you pay him the last payment with all these noted deficiencies?
2. Why wasn't there an inspection of the properties near the end of the job to notate these issues?
3. Have you instituted legal action?

Drip edges aren't the problem. Water is getting in above the drip edge and just coming down the roof, under the shingles.
The roof needs to be fixed, maybe even removed completely.
You would need to call a legitimate roofing company to give you an actual diagnosis.
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