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Drilling Plaque into Wall

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What bolts or other parts do I need to drill the plaque in the photo below into a hollow stucco wall? Will the anchor kit in the photo below work? Thank you for your advice.


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Those should work fine.

Another way is to measure your bolt distance apart, and if it is 16", you can find the studs and use them.

Bolt it to a wood backer that is wider than 16" and then bolt that board to the studding.

There are several ways to skin a cat.

Depends on the type of Stucco conventional Stucco yes.
Synthetic Stucco NO.
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Drywall/hollow wall anchors suck, they rarely work well. Can you find the studs? If you can put a single screw into a stud, you could then hang it from a wire via the plaque's 2 holes. And the hanger will be much stronger, self leveling and you won't make a mess of the wall. But you will see a bit of wire on the plaque.. unless you use fishing wire.
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