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drilling holes in concrete

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i would like to know if i can drill a hole around 70mm into the balcony so i can install some balisatrade post and then glaze them with glass and hand rail
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Drilling a hole in concrete is a common activity for professional contractors as well as Do-It-Yourself and is one that needs to be done correctly and safely.

  • A hole needs to be drilled in a concrete, brick or block wall to create a pathway for pipe or wiring.
  • A hole needs to be drilled in order to install a concrete fastener or anchor.
I hope you like these suggestions. It will really help you.

Uh...this post makes no sense. Is there a link missing or something?

The OP is asking "How can I drill a hole" and your response is "Holes are drilled for pipes or anchors".
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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