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Drilling drain hole in patio brick wall

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we've got too much water sitting in the circled area after a rain. I need to drill a slightly slanted hole through the wall to the open area behind the wall. I'll run a small pvc pipe through the hole and have it drain properly away from the wall. The bottom level of the cinderblock behind the brick is filled with quickcrete, and the back of the wall is also bricked. But, if I drill at a slight angle I'll be going mostly through the concrete of the patio anyway. Can't understand why the idiot that built this while the house was being built last year didn't install these drains, but it is what it is.
I figure I'll install a 1" pvc outlet pipe, or a few of them down the length of the wall. What type of bit would you guys use? Also, would you use a hammer drill? I'm afraid of cracking the concrete footing under the wall.

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Patios aren't flat, they're sloped then a wall gets added and the water has no where to drain. Seen it twice before.
Make the drains large enough and the critters come in; small enough and they plug.
But that's buggy Fla MRMV.

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