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Drill turning "orbital" not circular anymore..

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I'm a weekend warrior using a 14 volt DeWalt cordless about 8 years old. I've noticed recently the spin of the drill is not true circular anymore, its slightly "orbital". I'm probably not describing this well but think of my bits "wobbling" slightly as they spin.

Now, if you're driving sheetrock screws into wood its not a problem, but try driving self tapping screws into metal where pinpoint is crucial (if the head dances around it doesn't bite) and it takes about 10 seconds to put a screw in. (should take 2 seconds).

I went to a DeWalt factory store and had a new chuck and transmission put in ($95) but the problem only got slightly better. Do any of you veterans know what i'm talking about? Can this be fixed or should i just get a new drill? I'm very mad that they couldnt fix my problem.
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Lol...I bought a brand new Milwaukee Cordless drill last summer and only after a couple weeks did I notice that my bit appeared to wobble. So I took it in my tool supplier and they told me that it was a common "Illusion. I said: "Yah right, and I speak swaheely!"

So....they took 2 other drills and lo and behold, they both appear to wobble. I can't explain it, but unless your drill wobbles is greater the 1/32" of an inch, it's normal.
depending on how it wobbles, I would think either the shaft the chuck mounts on was bent or somehow deformed to cause the wobble OR loose bearings are allowing the shaft to move off center.
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