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Drill through or Tapping steel plates for countertop

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I need to attach a post to a 1/2 steel plate for a countertop. to do this I can either drill through and put the screws in from above or I can drill tap for screws, Ideally I would like to drill and tap but how hard would this be to do with handheld drills and a tap set?
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Hey rocketdoctor, drilling and tapping with hand tools isn't really that difficult. The trick is to drill a hole through a block (aluminum is best) to use as a guide to keep the drill perpendicular to your steel plate. Do the same for the tap. The tap is more critical. A drillpress is perfect for this. This will help your tap stay straight. Depending on your tap size, a small pilot hole will make your drilling much easier. Don't forget to lube the tap.
Hope this helps,
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