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drawing of studor vent in branch not stack - causing flush issues?

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I have a wall mounted toilet in my basement that ties into the vertical vent stack and doesn't flush right. It takes two or three flushes to remove waste with 2nd/3rd flushes being more powerful than the 1st which leads me to think I have a venting problem.

The previous owners have it vented via AAV vent in the branch as opposed to the stack. The stack is vented from a sec floor bath but I suspect the AAV being tied in the trap/branch could be the problem. Appreciate an opinion based on the drawing if the AAV would even help where its located currently.

Also note it uses a sloan flush valve which may need an adjustment? thanks


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The drawing shows a vent already on the toilet...without the AAV.
Try removing the AAV and see if this helps the flush. It should unscrew from a female adapter. However, I dont believe the issue is venting. It could be the ports in the toilet are clogged with calcium buildup or the flush valve needs to be rebuilt. Just a couple of other things to look into.
I'll check the flush valve. I do have a ton of calcium in my water so that makes sense.
as for those "ports", had one at work couple weeks ago, after much checking, the port at bottom of the bowl, was partially clogged with don't know what, it didn't give that intial burst. toilet wasn't completely flushing. After poking around with a small peice of wire, it cleared and flushed normal. Was also a sloan.
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