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draining water from outside.

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our home has the 4 inch tubing around the house connected to the downspouts. and another 4inch tube below that for general drainage.
a patio roof was added later.
the water from its downspout just floods on the ground. soil does not drain well.
can this be connected to the upper pipes? I assume it should start higher so it drains the right way. it is about 10 feet across from the patio downspout to the house.
thanks all
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Where do the 4 inch tubes ultimate lead to?

You could have the 4 inch tubes go to a dry well (at least 25 feet away from the house) but you will need to put a sump pump in there in case it overflows.
Assuming you are referring to gutters, the gutters from the patio roof could be re-directed back to the house gutters. They would have to be re-sloped and then the drop for the original downspouts sealed.
It is not good to connect gutters and downspouts to a general subsurface drain line (like drain tile). A roof/downspout system can collect a lot of garbage (leaves, pine needles, roofing granules, etc.) that require a strong flow to flush then out and away to the surface of down a buried pipe to a discharge area. This comes from short heavy rains or melting.

Allowing that water into a slower moving general drainage system for the interior of the house or drain tiles would slow the velocity because of the larger capacity and the "garbage" could settle out and plug everything up due to the sources and different timing.

thanks all
the pipes go to a storm drain. we live on a street with lots of houses.
the gutters already drain into that 4inch pipe that surrounds the house. I just wanted to add the water from the patio roof.
thanks all
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