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Drainage Issues

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Hello, I am a new homeowner running into some drainage issues. I just planted a small perennial garden next to my house and am finding that when it rains the water pools in the garden and I am worried because it is right next to the house. It is also unsightly because it is eroding the soil. Attached are some pictures.

The circled area is where water initially pools then it overflows into the perennial garden. The sidewalk is about 3 inches higher than the soil. I thought that one solution might be to throw 3 inches of top soil on top of everything so that the water continues down the sidewalk instead of pooling in the garden. Another idea was to put a gravel channel between the garden and the sidewalk so that the water heads down that instead of pooling up in the entire garden, but that is still pretty close to the house.

Any suggestions or thoughts would be extremely helpful. Thanks!


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Here is a photo of what I did. You can't really tell but I added about 2 inches of top soil all over the garden and about four right up next to the house so it slopes away a little more. I also added an edging around the whole thing. I'll see if it works the next time it rains.


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