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My wife and I are looking at purchasing our first house and have found a nice fixer-upper at a good price in a great neighborhood. Unfortunately after speaking to one of the neighbors i found out that there is a drainage problem. The garage is at the bottom of a downward sloping driveway, water runs down this driveway during heavy rains and into the garage. Now I wish this were as simple as a french drain, but the garage is lower than everything around it leaving no way to run water away from it. I'd appreciate any insight, we'd love to buy this house, but if this drainage issue cannot be resolved without spending alot of money we'll have to steer clear.

I'm attaching a photo of the driveway and garage.
Any ideas?


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I see snow, so that means wnter
But where is the house located?

A drain inside & across the doors could channel water to a sump pump

Or digging down & regrading the driveway down & away from the doors, then back up
A drain at that point could lead to a pump

Is there anywhere around the yard water can be redirected?
Does water run down from the street, or just the driveway?
You could also take out the driveway & put in a crished stone driveway that would allow the water to sink in
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