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I bought a house two years ago built in 1951, and I'm regrading all four sides. The house sits on a slope. The gutters at the 4 corners drop into 6-inch round clay tiles and run deep along the foundation before exiting at the far edge of the property. This looks like it must have been built this way when the house was new.

I'm trying to figure out if these drain tiles only carry the gutter/roof water, or whether they are also footer drains running along the foundation. The reason I want to know is that I could, without too much trouble right now, divert the gutter runoff another direction, so as not to potentially add the roof water to the foundation, if the tiles are in fact open along there.

Does anyone know if this was a common thing to do in 1951?

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Add your location to your profile as it may trigger a response from someone close to you.

My house in Southern CA was built in 54 on a slope with no footer drains or weep screed but it did have a clay tile sewer line. All replaced now with ABS.

Different parts of the country have much different rules. Here the rule on rain gutters is that they must drain out to the Street.
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