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Hi, I have a new Frigidaire 10,000 window casement A/C and as far as I can see it does not have a condensation drain hole. Installation instructions say onlt to tilt 3/8 down in back for water to drip, also in the troubleshooting section water coming inside...tip back. Should I drill a hole? Remove one of the screws in the outside cabinet? Leave it alone? Already, in reunning it yesterday, I can see water and hear some hitting the outside fan (this noise is also mentioned in troublshooting).
Question #2: This A/C replaces an old one which was originally from an apartment and so it was framed and stuccoed through the wall. I chiseled the hole bigger by an inch or so, width wise, and now need to seal back up. Was thinking about expaning foam: probably too radical, maybe just caulk and then stucco mix?


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