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drain pipe slips off tail pipe

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The kitchen we have had been renovated prior to our moving in. The kitchen sink sits in a corner of the counter. It was placed there so the drain pipes could reach the drain. It is about a 1 foot run from the bottom of the sink to the drain pipe. What has happened is that the pipe attached to the tail pipe is slipping off the pipe even when the nut is tight. What can I do to prevent the pipe from slipping?
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The tail piece may not be long enough, it should extend at least an inch into the trap. If it does not, get a new one. They come as long as 12" but you can shorten to your requirements.
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Seen before where the pipe coming out of the floor is out of plumb, leaning TOWARD the sink, which causes it to go downhill just a bit, and puts just enough pressure on that slip joint that it will continually fall off.

I've strapped the pipe to the wall with plumbers tape before to alleviate this problem cheaply.

The other possibility is too short a talipiece, which would mean you need new under-sink plumbing parts in which case, you might as well replace it all since you'll have it apart.
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