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Drain line for toilet

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I spend a lot of time in my garage workshop and working in the yard. Since I am over age 60 I have to make frequent trips to the bathroom. (I'm sure some of you guys can relate to this!) We do not have a bathroom near the rear entry from the garage, so that means I must walk through the house in my dirty clothes and shoes over the carpet to any of our bathrooms. What a PITA!!
I'd like to add a small toilet room in the garage. I have enough space. I'm trying to figure out how to get a drain line in. I don't know where the main sanitary drain line is. There may be a sanitary line on the outside of the garage wall. I do know that I have a sanitary vent pipe in the garage wall within about 20 ft. of the area where I would like to build this room. I really don't want to saw up the garage floor to put a line in. I can get a water supply with no problem, and I would plan to put a small electric heater in the room to keep it just above freezing in the winter time.
What are my options for a drain line? Could I use a toilet with a built-in pump to get it to the drain?
There are probably other considerations also.
I can handle the electrical stuff, but plumbing is another issue!
Any suggestions??
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I'm assuming your frequent trips are #1, not #2 (hopefully) so have you considered a urinal? The elevation of the drain is such that it would be easier to accomodate without sawing up the floor. Not sure what kind of pricing you're going to get for one, but you might get a used one somewhere. . . .

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Hows about adding a small extension (addition) to the garage?

If that vent takes you to a suitable drain (and it probably does) you could add-on in that area (maybe), install the drain plumbing in a trench and in new concrete and wouldn't have to cut into existing concrete and tunnel anywhere. Put a single slope roof on it and call it good.

Use 2 X 6 framing, insulate, install a small heater.

I don't think the "urinal-only" is a good idea in this case, farts don't always turn out to be farts.:)

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Another option is to dig a sewage pit hole and use an effluent pump---this will allow you to use a 2" pipe to pump the sewage up and away to a sewer line.

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I wanted to do the same thing in my garage. The only thing that stopped me was to find a drain connection from the garage to the main-line.
For you the most important thing is to find where you want to make the connection, and if the city allows you to do it. Once you find the connection, then the rest is easy. Good Luck
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