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I had a waste pipe (thank goodness not a sewage pipe, but only from my kitchen sink and dishwasher) break under my house. Floor boards were ripped up in one room and a swarm of drain flies emerged. I was told that by fixing the pipe, and leaving the floor boards open for a few days, the ground/sand would dry and make the environment no longer good breading ground for the flies. I have poured bleach down each of the openings- a bit daily. I have fans positioned down into the holes and a 65 pint dehumidifier producing two filled tanks of water daily. But I still have flies!!! Usually I see about 10 live ones on the walls and about 50-100 dead ones on the floors daily. It is better than a swarm, but ... ug!!

I have purchased InVade, but instructions seem to be limited to the pipes alone. Can I use it under the house??? If so, how??

Besides ripping up the rest of the house, what should I be doing??

Thanks in advance for any advice.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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