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Downspout extension cap?

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I have had issues with my gutters overflowing during heavy rain and causing dirt under my porch to wash away quite a bit. After lots of experimenting trying to fix the issue I came to the conclusion that my downspout extensions that are all buried under ground leading to the edge of my property is clogged somewhere. We have 6 total downspouts on our house and each one is connected to one main pipe. My solution was to just disconnect the downspouts from that underground pipe and let each one drain to its own short pipe leading away from the house.

Now instead of pulling up all the plastic piping and tearing up the yard and flower beds, I'd rather just cap them off where they protrude from the ground under each downspout. Do they make such a cap? Didn't see any thing at the box stores.
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On a side note putting tons of dirt under my porch to replace what washed away has turned into a much bigger Hassel than first though!! Lol. Something about crawling on my hands and knees with a rake and pounding down dirt with my hands just isn't good on my back.
Is it black plastic corrigated pipe?
If so there should be screw on caps avalible.
In your local Lowe"s there all the way back in the right hand corner in the garden dept. the last time I saw them.
That's where I got the flex pipe I'm using and I didn't see caps.... or maybe I was at home depot. I'll check again when I go
Ayuh,.... Have ya tried flushin' out the line with a garden hose from each end/ entrance to it,..??

If ya just wanta abandon it, stuff it with some ole rags, 'n landscape over it,...
I have not put a hose in them directly but I'm don't with them anyway. I'd like to keep them easily accessible for when I sell the house so the new owners can try to use them if they want to deal with it
This is what it looks like, may want to call and give them the UPC code and check stock.[email protected]]&pl=1&productId=3133127
Home Depot also has them.
Thanks! I'll probably make a trip there at some point tomorrow
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