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Double wide roof

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I had a new roof put on my 2001 double wide they took off the 4 vents on each side because they leaked and messed up the ceilings, a ridge vent was installed. The heat is is coming through the ceiling you can raise up your hand to the ceiling and feel the heat what can i do
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What type of vents were removed? If they removed the soffit vents the ridge vent will be ineffective.
Maybe this will help.

Ideally you need soffit venting for the ridge to work to it's full potential.

Sounds like they removed your gable vents.

With out some air being allowed in the attic, none can escape.
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the double wide has soffit vent all the way round across the front down the sides and across the back
That is the ideal setup for a ridge vent.

Did the roofer cut out to allow for the ridge vent?
You mentioned in the original post that vents were removed.

Wonder why a home with cathedral ceilings would have gable vents?

Scratching my head on that one.

The home has cathedral ceilings and the vents were removed because they leaked onto the ceilings correct?

The vents were three feet down from the peak correct?

I guess I am missing something.
Is your ceiling attached directly to your roof rafters?
1 - 5 of 11 Posts
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